English is free for programmer ตอนที่ 6

–3. Working With Colleagues And Teams —
— 3.2 Asking For Opinions —
— 3.3 Explaining Your Ideas —
— 3.4 Giving Suggestions —
— Author: Komgrit Niyomrath —
— Reviewer: Benjarat Chalermsook, Krissada Chalermsook —
— Special Reviewer: David Benjamin Patton (US Native Speaker) —

ตอนที่ 6 ประกอบด้วยหัวข้อต่าง ๆ ดังนี้

1. Asking For Opinions

2. Explaining Your Ideas

3. Giving Suggestions

4. Attendance Quiz

5. Assignment Quiz



# Conversation 01

Mark: I know facts are important, but today I would like to know your opinions
about software contribution, especially for our project.
What’s your opinion about it?
Should we contribute this project in an open source community?
Who wanna go first?

Ted: Personally, I think it is good to do.
Many geeks are waiting on us.
I’m sure they need to participate and review our project.

Tom: No way. We all worked hard on this project.
Sometimes we almost have no time to eat, to sleep, or even breathe.
So why should we do something like this? We don’t have to!

Ted: Oh! Tom, why not? We’ve used many open source tools to create our work.
Without them, we might not have this project.
I think we must give and share to others.

Mark: Easy, easy there, both you guys.
We have a choice to do whatever we want.
I know you guys work hard.
From my point of view, I strongly agree with Ted.
But we don’t have to publish everything we’ve done.
I think we should have a plan for an open source version and a commercial version.

Tom: Ahh! That’s a good idea.
Interesting! When do we start?

Ted: Tom, how can you change your mind so fast?

Tom: It’s reasonable for me, Ted.
Don’t you agree with it?

Ted: OK, I guess so. Mark has a good point.

Mark: Well, we are on the same page now.
We will start as soon as possible.
That’s all.
Thanks you guys for meeting today.
Helen, don’t forget to summarize what you’ve jotted down and send the minutes to HQ.

Helen: Got it.
I enjoy listening what you have said,
but then I forgot to jot it down.

Mark: Oh! There you go again!


# Conversation 02

Ben: Hey Bob, I got an error.
The interpreter says “Undefined Variable ‘a’ and ‘b’ in main.php on line 120”.
Well actually, we don’t have to declare a variable before use in PHP language, do we?
I’m having doubts and not sure about it.
What should I do now?

Bob: I think you should take a look at line 120.
Just press [ctrl + g] and type 120,
then click [Go] to check it.

Ben: Got it.

Bob: I see you write a statement using variables ‘$a + $b’ and
assign the value to the variable ‘$c’.
Hmm! Let me check all previous lines.

Ben: W-Wait! I think I got it.
PHP doesn’t require a declaration statement,
but we should write an assignment statement instead.

Bob: Ahh! You’ve got a point there.

Ben: I owe you one.

Bob: Sure. Working together is better than working alone.

Ben: Yeah.




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